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Campgrounds and Resorts

Benefits if you’re a resort or campground owner looking to increase business:

  • The pod™  comes prebuilt - ready to use.
  • Relatively low investment with the potential for excellent return on capital.
  • Capitalize on the growing demand for ‘posh camping’ or ‘glamping’.
  • Utilize marginal areas of a site that aren’t optimal for tenting customers.
  • Be part of our Marketing & PR campaigns and product support.
  • Proven excellent customer satisfaction and high levels of return bookings.
  • No need for a permanent foundation - Simply lay on 3 pre-treated bearers.
  • Option of having air conditioning, heat, light and other electrical devices.
  • Extend shoulder seasons due to marginal weather.
  • Attract new audiences that wouldn't normally camp.

For your campers, it provides:

  • The pod™ is already set up when they arrive - just move in and make yourself at home.
  • Avoids the adverse effects of rain, heat or cold.
  • More privacy and security through lockable doors.
  • All the benefits of an insulated structure in winter and summer.
  • A massive hit with kids - it’s a ‘den’ thing.
  • Covered seating area.
  • An upgraded experience they will rave about.
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